Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Summer Continued

This summer marked the beginning of our kids finally enjoying their time together! They will finally go off and play together for a bit and it is so wonderful! It doesn't last long, maybe a half an hour if we're lucky, but progress is progress! Oh how we love these two! 
This was the first swim of the summer. They absolutely loved the pool this year!

I'm so glad they're becoming friends!

 When I knew the days we'd be in St. George I called the office and made them agree to take the carpet out of our kitchen and put in linoleum. I'd been asking for months and this time I didn't let them rest until they said yes. We have been so happy with it! It makes a huge difference!
July was a good month. July 4th we spent with my brothers family and my parents. It was a delicious BBQ followed by a really fun firework show! 
Our sweet patriotic kiddos! My sister in law Jen made Lucy's dress and it was perfect! She looked adorable!

Taking Miss Lucy for a ride
 We got to go to Liberty Park and Wheeler Farm again this year and the kids had so much fun! Who needs a double stroller??
  They are so sweet.

August was filled with lots of baking (which is weird for me in the summer!) and lots of walks! We got to explore a lot areas that are right around us. We really love where we live!
The kids love the beaters!

Blair was able to get tickets to a Monster Truck show out at Rocky Mountain Raceway so he and Gavin, my brother and his little boy, and Blair's friend and his little girl all got to go! They all had so much fun and Gavin has been talking about Monster Trucks ever since then. His favorite truck was called Double Trouble! I'm so glad they got to experience that!
We did a lot of bowling too. Blair had his highest scoring game yet! 
Just chilling. Watching a show. Being cute!

It was a nice summer and we were sad to see it go! Blair started school at the end of August and Gavin started Preschool at the beginning of September, and then the days really started to fly!

Playing Catch-up

Here are some sweet pictures/videos from early this year. We are so far behind, but I am determined to catch up!
February/March pictures -
Lucy used to fall asleep pretty much anywhere. Sweet girl!

Helping daddy fix the car.
 Our kids are natural climbers, just like their daddy!
 M&M's all over and not at all happy that I caught them!


 How lucky am I to have such good helpers??
They were so little! How is it they can change so quickly?

Summer: St. George Trip

We had a really good, busy summer and it all started with a fabulous trip to St. George! We love it there so much. The trip down was smooth, we had only one unscheduled stop - by a cop. No ticket thank goodness, but it always makes me so anxious when I get pulled over. We spent the whole time swimming, playing games, watching movies, eating delicious food and going on four wheeler rides. It was awesome! One morning we got to run our own planned out 5K, it was the first time Blair and I got to run together and I loved it. We can't wait to run some more 5K's next summer! We enjoyed every minute of this trip!
The kids were perfect on the drive down, we couldn't believe it!

We had so much fun in the pool! The kids were in heaven!

Yes, Lucy is fast asleep!
Fun times with cousins. We love that our kiddos have so many cousins!

Blair and I celebrated our 1st date anniversary on this trip. We got to leave the kids for a little bit and go get some ice cream and drive around. It was so great. It's been 8 years since our first date, wow!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Gavin Update

On May 15, 2015 our handsome Gavin turned 4!
Gavin decided on bowling for his birthday this year and it turned out to be such a fun party! We found a bowling alley that had $1 games and $1 shoe rental - wow! Gavin asked for his "friends and cousins to go bowling" and I think he had a blast!
His smiles were either the biggest cheese ever or... a little creepy. Good thing he is adorable!
Oh these boys. I just love them! Gavin is one lucky boy to have so many cousins who are friends.
After bowling we went to lunch - Gavin chose Arby's :-) It was such a fun afternoon! When we got home both kids were immediately asleep. After naps we got ready to continue the celebration with Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunt Joy and Uncle Kyle. Of course presents came first! He got a new Lego set, bath markers, a new ball, some $$, and his most favorite present...
A clock for his room!
Talk about a happy, lucky boy! He was so excited! After we opened it we asked him if he was ready for cake. His reply? " I think I'll just watch my clock." 
We did convince him that cake is a good thing and he got to blow out his candles. He did great! It was such a fun day! We can't believe our sweetest boy is 4 years old. How does it happen??
Gavin amazes us daily. He is reading like a champ. If he has time he looks at and sounds out every sign we pass. If there isn't time then he'll spell out the words to ask us what they say. He soaks up every bit of information we give him. He absolutely loves to learn. About anything. Gavin's new obsession has been numbers. He loves to know what time it is and how many days or minutes it is until a certain activity or time. He has to know and he will count down until it comes. A while ago he asked how many days it was until my birthday. I figured it out and told him it was 106 days. He kept track and told me every day for a week how many days until my birthday! When he got to 99 we decided it was time to count down to something that was closer :-) His fascination with clocks is something we can't really explain. He was sitting on the floor in the kitchen tracking the time between the oven and the microwave. "Mommy it's 12:01 12:01 12:01 and now it's 12:02 12:02 12:02!" I asked him if he'd like to watch a show while a took a shower and he said no. When I finished the first thing I heard is "12:31 12:31 12:31." Haha! Oh this boy. He also is loving his calculator right now and will often fall asleep with it. I've tried to get pictures but I swear, he senses it and the moment is gone! He will punch whatever time it is into his calculator and keep track that way. It is... simply hard to explain. But we love it. We love him and we love that he loves this! It honestly will entertain him for hours! His mind is amazing. He loves to play with his bath letters and numbers and he does it all the time. I came in and found this the other day -
He always finds a way to make any number and he does the same thing with words. He'll substitute the 5 for an S or the 3 for the E. He always makes it work. He has gotten really mischievous with his bath markers. We've told him several times that they're only for bath time. The other night (when he's supposed to be sleeping) he sneaks into the bathroom and an hour later this is what we found -
I guess the temptation to use those markers it waaay to strong! And it's even hard to be upset with him. His disobedience is so educational! 
Gavin has been talking about becoming a basketball player when he's 4 for months and now that he's 4, he really does love it! And he's actually pretty good! He will stay outside and shoot hoops with anyone for as long as we let him. He's also loving Hot Shot basketball at Grandma and Grandpa Gibb's!
Gavin loves to be outside! He loves to climb up on, jump off of, climb into, and go down anything! He's becoming a little bit of a daredevil and that makes me nervous, but I do love to see him exploring and learning!
 He thought he was so sneaky. I called to see where he was and he tried to hide his laughter. So cute!
He was so proud!

Some days we must build forts. He played in here for so long!
Gavin is so helpful with our Lucy. He is always jumping up to do something for her before we even ask. He is always listening to hear if she's awake and will almost always go in to talk to her and play with her before we get her. We hear him go in and he almost always says "don't worry Lu, I'm coming!". He is the most amazing big brother. He loves his Lu! 
Gavin loves primary! He always has so much to tell us and he really loves singing time. He sings all the time now! He'll do the tune to several songs but always replaces the words with numbers. It is so cute. He looks forward to scriptures every night and he reads them so well. It is very rare that he misses a word! His prayers are so sweet. He prays for all of us, most especially Lucy. It is such a testimony to us to hear him pray. I truly believe that he can feel the spirit when he prays. 
Gavin will be starting preschool this year and it just pulls at my heart that he is going. He is growing so fast and we still can't believe that he isn't our sweet, chubby, bald baby boy anymore. He has become so much more independent. He can buckle his own car seat now which is wonderful! He puts his own shoes on and he can get dressed all by himself. It's awesome! We love our sweet boy so much. We're so grateful that he's ours!


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